“I don’t know how Ande does it. Before Ande became my ghostwriter, I had another ghostwriter. I told this other ghostwriter the same stories I told Ande, but the other ghostwriter couldn’t write anything that sounded like it was me telling the story. Ande took the same material and wrote it so it sounded like it came right out of my head. Only it was even better than that. She told my story the way I’d tell it if I had the ability to put words together the way she does. Ande turned my experiences and my emotions into beautiful prose. Every time she turned more pages into me, I felt like she’d somehow crawled into my mind and my heart and came out with my truth, which she then just put on the page. It was amazing to see it unfold. And she didn’t just do it brilliantly; she did it super-fast too. From the first day we spoke until the day I had a completed 85,000 word manuscript in my hand was just five months! Ande is the consummate professional. She responds to every e-mail, answers every question, and addresses every concern. And she’s super-nice and funny and just a joy to interact with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

--Calissa Pronte

“I made a mistake with my first ghostwriter, but Ande came to the rescue. I chose my first ghostwriter because she lived close enough to me that I could go and meet with her to tell her my story. I thought the face-to-face meeting was important. I had six hours of meetings with this writer, and many phone conversations, and still, after three months, I didn’t have a first chapter I liked. No matter what I told this writer, she couldn’t come up with anything I was happy with. I finally demanded to the company I was with that they give me a new writer, and I was matched with Ande. Even though she’s on the other side of the country, and we never met, I connected with her very fast. In less than two weeks, she had an outline for my memoir, and in less than three months, she had finished my memoir of 75,000 words. And I love it. Ande is a great writer and she’s a fast writer. She’s also very caring and giving. She didn’t just write my story, she encouraged me and uplifted me the whole time. My story was hard for me to tell, and I admit that doing a memoir was a form of therapy for me. Ande understood that, and she was as much therapist as writer for me. (It helps she has a psychology degree!) If you need a ghostwriter, you need Ande.”

-- Bonnie Ollervine

“Andrea is the best of the best. I’ve worked with a lot of ghostwriters, and Andrea’s work is the best ghostwriting I’ve had done. Ande’s talent and brilliance with words is only outshone by her amazing writing speed. I’ve never had a writer turn out so much so fast and have it be so good. I’m very, very happy with all the work Andrea has done for me. She takes instruction well, and if she doesn’t get it right the first time, she rewrites as many times as I require, always turning around the edits within a day. The only reason I hesitate to recommend Andrea as a ghostwriter is that if she gets too busy, I won’t be able to use her myself as much as I want.”

--Caleb Fontach

“Pick Ande! Having someone write your book is sort of like having someone have your baby. You don’t want just anyone doing that. You want someone who is exceptional and someone you trust. Andrea ended up being that person for me. She took my ideas and gave them life and now I get to take credit for all of it. Seems kind of rude, but I’m going to do it anyway. LOL When I found Andrea, I not only found a great ghostwriter, I found a great person I’m now happy to call a friend.”

--Jally Finebont

“Ande Waggener's talents as a writing coach and editor are formidable. She helped me turn my fledgling manuscript into a published novel, guiding me each step of the way with clever plot-twisting suggestions, heart-felt encouragement to keep me on track, and the kind of editing that took my writing to a professional level - leaving me thrilled with the end results. Novel writing requires an understanding of how all the component parts of a story must fit together, which Ande basically taught me. She also did a fabulous job shaping and streamlining my manuscript by identifying areas that needed re-writing, deleting, or enhancing. Her detailed critiques allowed me to make the necessary changes and sharpen my own writing skills in the process. As an editor Ande was thorough and timely. She adapted seamlessly to my writing style and character voices, and cleaned up my work by making sentences flow more easily.”

--Sherre Cook, Writer

“Ande is an amazingly fast, top-notch editor.  Her unique combination of straightforward feedback and endless moral support has kept my writing projects on track.”

-- Sandra Shih, Writer

“Andrea recently edited a batch of articles for me and her input was very useful to me.  It gave me some focus as to which elements in my work are serving me best. I found her advice to be invaluable.”

-- Kathy Klee, Freelance Writer and Photographer

“Andrea Rains Waggener is a great writer.  I've always been an optimistic person, but her columns and books have made me look much more closely at what I do and why I do it, and how I could do it better.  Her guidance has sent me home ready to tackle jobs I've put off, and writing I didn't think I could do.  I admire her talent tremendously.”

-- Meg Chittenden, Book Author

“Andrea is a master at conveying concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand and use.  She’s created powerful web copy and letters for me that have helped my business tremendously.”  --Sandra Lee, Licensed Massage Practitioner

“Ande’s editing advice has provided a real boost to my writing.  Before getting her input, I wasn’t getting anywhere with my writing goals.  Now, with Ande’s help, I finished an e-book that’s selling well on the Internet.  I’m making money from my writing for the first time, thanks to Ande!”

--Nancy Eltrich, Writer

“Ande’s writing rocks!  Her sales letter and website copy helped me build my business.”

--Patricia Murphy Ph.D.

“I’m so glad I met Ande Waggener! I met her at a "Write on the Beach" Conference in Ocean Shores. She gave two scheduled seminars. The first one was an overview of basic writing skills. Her first seminar held many "ah-hah" moments for everyone in attendance.  Word spread quickly through the participants of the conference, and Ande's second seminar a few hours later was standing room only.  I heard that one or more of the other seminars scheduled for the same time were cancelled due to lack of audience because everyone showed up at Ande's seminar. The second seminar provided an overview of her novel course Novel Writing Made Easy, and she provided such clarity and organization that for the first time I saw an answer to a question I'd been pondering for some months: How does a writer keep all the little facts and details of characters straight across many months of preparation and writing so that when someone like me reads the novel in four hours there are no inconsistencies?  So, I signed up for Ande’s editorial assistance right there and then at the conference.  Ande's input and feedback have been just wonderful.”

--Julie Dieu, Geologist and Writer

“If you need a good writer, I strongly recommend Andrea.  She can take a mess of information and turn it into copy that’s easy to read and comprehend.”

-- Mary Pearson, Writer